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iZombie Season 2 Episode 4

Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

Liv goes to see Payton, they are so happy. Ravi and Liv get the case, Clive thinks killer might hide in her room and kill her.

At station, Clive’s boss tells him about missing person. FBI agent is assigned to be on case, he will has to provide her information.

They go to question ex-boyfriend’s victim, he tells them that victim sleeps with his friend.

They ask her boss Rick about victim, he said she look like own someone money. But when they are outside, some of her fan tells them about her boss. They see him rush out.

Next day he turn himself in with his wife, but they make him confess that he try to make move but he didn’t kill her. His wife is upset with him after know he try to cheats her, she try to frame him for murder.

Payton try to find someone to take down Stacey’s boss. No one doesn’t want to help her, but Blaine is only one tells her information about Stacey’s boss.

Clive found out that the murderer that rob store accidentally get in victim’s room and kill her when she found him. He confess.