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Limitless Season 1 Episode 3

The Legend of Marcos Ramos

Brian found that nurse of Eddie is with his father, he asks her what they want she tells him that he will contact.

At FBI wants him to use drug every day, one day he meets his ex. At FBI he found that one of the retired agent is killed on street, Dixon.

He involves about company, while his file attacked by virus. They gives him the shred file, he try to build back the file.

He found out Dixon has a big file of Vachs, and that night he also has diner with his ex. They talks to him, they found out about Vachs’s wife and son. They go to ask her, they think he is clean.

Rebecca tells Brian about Dixon’s hideout. They found that he is killed by his old job about drug┬ádealer┬áRamos.

They go to check with DA, from their file they get the picture of shooter.But they found that he lost of his hand few days ago so he can’t kill Dixon.

FBI found later that one of DA force is the one who kill Dixon and Ramos, they are running. Brian found them hidden under the other plane, he tell Rebecca and they can arrest them.

One night Sand shows up, he tells him he work for Eddie. He threaten him to do exactly what he tell.