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iZombie Season 2 Episode 3

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

A house wife open the door for a man, he tells her that he has client that willing to buy her house for 10 million. She gets him in, but he starts to attack her. She struggle with him and fell off the house to the cliff.

Clive, Liv and Ravi get this case. She is Taylor, she dead while that man is still in coma. Clive thinks that he might be hire-to-kill man, they have to find out who hired him.

They found that man use the fake business card, that card belong to real seller. They question her, she tells them that man used to poke around Vaughn’s property.

After they found victim on the Vaughn’s company board. She thinks Vaughn must be their guy, next day they go to question him. When left, Liv found Major there.

Liv and Clive go to question Taylor’s husband. They tells him about her affair with Vaughn, he is very upset. But he is not killer.

They question few of her friends, each other set fired on the other. But she found out Taylor’s husband already knows about her affair.

Clive found out that Taylor’s stylist might be one who hire killer to kill Taylor, Clive tells her to stall her. She starts to run, Liv knocks her down.

They question her about hire killer, she doesn’t accept. Ravi gets back home and see Payton.

Taylor’s husband goes to confront Vaughn, he convinces him and shows him something. He takes him to be eaten by zombie.