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Limitless Season 1 Episode 2

Badge! Gun!

Brian is hired by FBI, they wants to study him why he immune to NZT. One day Rebecca tells him about case but he didn’t goes out. He found out that he is just analyst. She asks him to learn Farsi, but he bored. He start to dig about victim. He try to give Rebecca the tip he found, but she won’t allow him goes out. He decides to escape.

He goes there and give them the bomb he made, they thinks who make the bomb it’s Taurus. But he is complaint about his act.

Next day Brian tells them he knows who is Taurus is, he tells them about Cullen. They go to check his garage, they found evidence tie him.

But they found he is Taurus but he didn’t kill the victim, Brian is looking how the victim died. He escapes FBI again to found out how.

He waits Rebecca at her house, he thinks all victim are inherits from Gengis Khan. He thinks someone make virus that can target specific DNA.

He found that Molly who own coffee shop are connection to all victim, after Rebecca goes to check they found actually killer didn’t target victim but another woman.

Brian found that woman is not target and they need her to pass the virus. He tracks her back to her affair.

Next day they found that man is a general in fort, he still alive. They go to question one of biocompany CEO about research, army is only their client while that general is one who stop him.

But he refused at all, Brian goes outside and convinces his employee to to help him by send him an evidence. Finally that CEO confess.