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iZombie Season 2 EpisodeĀ 2

Zombie Bro

At night someone is mascot costume goes to kill a man, Chad in the party. Ravi and Liv found trace of utopium in part too.

Blaine plan to cut the deal of his boss, to sell utopium and cut the share. Clive and Liv go to question Chad’s friend. They found victim misused a lot of people.

They question one of them that Liv think he might hold grudge to Chad, from their pictures at party. They found a man in mascot costume might kill him.

Liv sees the vision, she see man that mad with Chad. They found another Chad, victims prank on him and make him lost his job.

They think it might be one of victim that dead because of his prank, Lavi asks Major to help him on mission to test on utopium. So he can understand more about the utopium for his search of cure. But major also try it and he likes it.

Liv found out about, Chad win the race about ugly girl. She asks one of them about girl’s name. But she found that Lavi and Major are drunk, she goes to get them back.

At morgue, Lavi found new victims are one who sold him the utopium. Clive shows up tell her about couple that rent the costume. They question them, but seem they are not.

Blaine goes to see one of DA, he convinces him to make him arrest his boss. So he can be next mayor. He’s ok but he need money, he goes to his father Angus to get money.

They found out later that man who rent costume is the one who kill him, he try to revenge the Chad that drunk and hit his dad. But he gets the wrong one.