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Limitless Season 1 Episode 1


Brian is chasing by couple agents, he run through the subway. He is cornered by agents, he jump in the track.

In past Brian has no job, he was a singer. One day his father collapse, he try to find the job. One day he meet his friend, he gives him the drug that can help him focus. But after he takes it, he become able to use his brain 100%

He uses his power to do a lot of incredible thing, he also found out what wrong with his father. But he gets another dead end, he goes back to his friend to get more pill.

He found he is dead, he found and takes the pill and escape the FBI. He escapes them to the underground and escape.

Assistant director explains Rebecca the FBI about drug Brian takes, NZT. She is assigned to find him. From their document he found Jay and Adam also use NZT from his friend.

He goes to see Jay and found him dead, he goes to see Rebecca at her house. He tells her that he didn’t kill his friend. He try to convinces her, but she doesn’t believe.

Brian goes to see Adam to get more NZT, he begs him to help. He gets in and found that Adam is killer, he try to kill him. But he escapes, he is shot. He call Rebecca for help him remove bullet. But he pass out before done.

He wakes up again found someone fixed him, he also see Senator Eddie. He gives him the NZT, and also drug that can make him take NZT without feedback.

Brian figure out how to captured Adam, he goes to rob the bank. Rebecca shows up and found him, he tells her about safety box of Adam. Inside they found the evidence link to Adam.

Assistant Directory tells Rebecca that they should take him and study him, she tells her instead that they can use him as resource. But he tells her that he wants his father transplant to move up, he will do anything.

Next day his father get the transplant, Brian agreed to works with FBI.