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iZombie Season 2 Episode 1

Grumpy Old Liv

Liv goes to see Evan, but her mother wants her to leave. She thinks she left him died, Evan also thinks that she is abandon him. He asks her to leave.

Ravi and Liv go to check the crime scene, Clive shows them the body. Liv takes victim’s brain to check.

Ravi tells her that he is going to find more cure, but they needs utopium. She plans to get it from Blaine.

Clive takes Liv to the informant, but she gets victim’s personality. She become complaint master, upset easier. He tells them about Rodney kid, he said neighbor is afraid of him.

Liv goes to see Blaine, she tells him that his cure might be not last. He might need real cure, she asks him for more Utopium.

Mojor become personal trainer, he didn’t want to talk to┬áLiv for a while. She tells Major that Clive suspect that he might kill all of them that night.

Clive tells her that he get sketch from her brother, and his informant about Blaine. He asks if she know.

Clive and Liv questions Rodney about victim, but they have no evidence. Liv see the vision, about who damage victim’s car. It’s victim’s sister in law, but she has alibi. Liv gets another vision, that victim might prison their informant’s dog.

But they found his dog still there, after check Clive thinks that he might kill victim. He gets warrant, and found evidence in his house. He confess that he did because of angry with him.

Max blackmails Major, he knows his secret. He wants him to kill zombie for him. He refuse, he threaten him to kill Liv.

Gilda is Liv’s new roommate. She is the one who give Max all recording.