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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 11

Send in the Clones

Malina thinks that Noah might be captured by Erica, she and his brother must be in Odessa to save the world.

Harris, Quentin and Phoebe heading to intercept Malina. Quentin thinks they should just stop her not kill her, they are not agreed with him.

Taylor and other are cornered by Harris, Farah tells them about twins that can safe the world. First they will grab Micah and his nephew and leave.

Taylor and Rene goes to see Matt, they ask him about Mica. They try to convince him to join, but he shoot his ear and control both of them.

Nathan tells Erica that Miko is gone, she tells him to send them back to Odessa. Matt try to get Taylor out, he killed Harris’s clone.

Harris shows up to stop Mainly and Luke, they found out that Phoebe also there. Luke tells her to escape where he will block them. But Malina goes back to him, she is captured by Phoebe. Luke shows up and help her out, he captured them.

They ask them about Nathan, they tell them he is at Odessa. Erica tells Nathan that she wants him to be in machine so they can sent all of people to future. She found out that Miko stills alive and Matt went rogue, she tells Harris to take care her.

Carlos found Mica and help him out, but Father is shot to dead. Farah tells them about Miko. Miko is fighting with real Harris, she killed him and disappear.

Mika tells them about Solar flare that will wipe out humanity, he broadcast the truth feed about Erica to world.

Erica try to convinces Joanne to work for her, she wants her to kill Malina. Matt and Taylor heading to Odessa, Carlos and other also heading to there.