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Haven Season 5 Episode 26


Nathan tells Audrey’s copy that he think they miss something important, but they have no idea whats is it.

Vince tells Audrey that Dwight is going to give controller to Croatoan, he tells her that they have to stop Dwight from given up the controller so they can built barn.

The guards try to stop Dwight, he escapes to the old fort. Croatoan and Audrey shows up to get it from him.

Vince shows up and built the barn with Croatoan’s Aether, now they are inside the new barn. His power not work anymore inside the barn, but barn is failed because the one who built barn must volunteer. But he is not, new barn disappear.

Audrey tells Croatoan if he put all Aether and all trouble to her, she will leave Haven with him. He’s agree.

Dwight wake up on beach and see Duke’s ghost. He tells him to following him, they head to where Nathan is waiting. Audrey’s copy starts to remember what they are when they close to Haven’s border. She tells him the truth, she takes him back to Haven.

Nathan remember everything, Audrey’s copy is disappear. Dwight shows up and tell him about Audrey. He rush to see her, Croatoan is upset and killĀ him.

Audrey asks him to help Nathan, he revives him back. He tells Audrey that he will leave Haven and power the barn, because if she is not with him it’s useless. They found that void is coming to their world, Croataon tells them he can stop by takes all to the barn.

Vince tells them that it’s not enough, barn needs love to super charge the power. Audrey agreed to go with them, they leave and never come back along with trouble and all Aether.

While Nathan is on the way to fishing, he meets a woman look like Audrey. Vince and Croatoan send Audrey back to normal human.