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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 10

11:53 to Odessa

Noah and Malina meet Luke, he wants to help them get Nathan. But he doesn’t want, Nathan wake up and found out that he can’t use his power.

She tells him about her plan, she created HELE and put the colony there. Without Hiro, they can’t access it. She wants him to be a bridge between present and future to HELE.

Taylor and Rene plans to break in mansion to get their leader out and stop Erica, she has plan.

Erica’s show Nathan the future and HELE, she asks him to decides. Ren when try to find Miko, he meets a man in armor.

Matt try to get information from Farah, he uses Carlos to unblock her memory. He found that they are in love.

Miko get in HELE facility, she found Evos locked up. She meets her father, he tells her to find master of time and space.

Taylor and shave shapeshifter get in the mansion, they knock down Matt after he found out who they are. They are looking for Micah.

Ren found Miko’s father, he tells him to find the gateway and rescue Hiro. Erica shows Nathan what she did, he is amazing. He agrees to help her.

Carlos escapes out and rescue Farah, Matt tells Harris what he found from Farah. Malina and Noah are on the way and found storm. She wants to help people, she uses her power to stop it. But people thinks it’s her who cause it, Luke help her out.┬áHe tells her that Noah might be crash in car, but they are forced to leave.

Taylor meets Carlos and Farah, she tells them about Micah. Matt is with Micah, he asks him that he is on the list with Erica or not.

Miko shows up and get Nathan out, he goes back with her.