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Haven Season 5 Episode 25


Audrey backs to Nathan at station, she tells him what Croatoan wants. Nathan plans to get Duke back, but at night Duke is hunting troubles.

Croatoan shows up to Nathan and Audrey, he try to shoot him but doesn’t work. He wants to show her the future, and he gives Nathan copy of Audrey. He wants him to leave town with her. But he refused.

Duke shows up to Dwight, he wants the controller. Otherwise he will lost his daughter. He didn’t tell Vince about what they want.

Audrey use one of trouble to fix Aether’s core, Duke shows up try to stop her. He destroy their Aether. Audrey success to convinces and get Duke back.

Croatoan found out and he start to get his troubled back, he tells them to kill him to stop him. But they don’t want to, Nathan decides to kill him.

Dwight goes to see Croatoan for his daughter, he decides to give Croatoan the controller.

Audrey found out that Nathan goes to see Croatoan, he send Nathan and copy of Audrey out of Haven.

Audrey goes to see Croatoan and asks him what happen to Nathan, he tells her that he decides to leave with copy. Nathan and copy of Audrey are out of Haven, they don’t remember anything.

Croatoan shows her the big cloud of Aether, he tells her now her life is with him.