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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 9

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Turn out future changed, Quentin now works with Erica. He tells her about Claire’s twin. Erica plans to captured Nathan for his power.

Nathan’s mother tells him about his power, Noah shows up and tell him the truth. Captain takes Carlos to the place where they arrest Evo, there is many people with their Evo there.

Taylor gets message from someone he wants to talks with her, she goes there and get kidnapped by Erica. But she found out that she is shave shifter, then she see Rene.

Casper try to help Emily when Joanne try to capture her, but they both hostage. She call Nathan and tells him. He appear there and safe them, but Joanne shot Casper.

Luke and Malina shows up to stop her, but she decides to kill Emily. Nathan activated his power and stop time. He helps them out.

Carlos found his nephew but he doesn’t remember,  he doesn’t want to get out. He is captured by them along with captain. Captain is brainwash by director, Matt.

Carlos is taken to Matt, he try to read his mind then he send him to the past. Matt found out about Farah.

Nathan goes to tell Noah that Casper is dead. While he try to leave his power not work, he found that Phoebe is there. Quentin and her kidnapped Nathan and leave.

They takes him to Erica, she try to convince him how to save the world in her way.