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Haven Season 5 Episode 24

The Widening Gyre

Audrey found that she is locked up by Croatoan, Dwight and Nathan try to find Audrey. Now they plan to captured Duke and ask him about Audrey.

Duke shows up and captured by them, Croatoan said that he wants Audrey back. He knows that Mara’s dead.

Howard tells Vince that he is not controller for new barn anymore, he tells him that new barn will send Croatoan back to void and all troubled.

Croatoan tells Audrey about people he killed, James, Charlotte. He tells her that he did that for her.

Nathan try to talks to real Duke, he try to convinces him. But he failed, he found out that he has Dave’s memory may be Vince know where Dave will keep Audrey.

Audrey try to kill Croatoan with piece of wood, but she failed. He put the hole she made back to her, and heal her. He tells her that he used one of troubled her get.

Nathan and Guard plan to use trouble to change Duke back and send him back to Croatoan as spy. Vince show Dwight the place Dave might use for hideout.

Croatoan tells Audrey that he put Aether into her to save her life, she found out that he needs her for something. He tells her that he needs her to create troubles for him, he tells her that he found that she care Nathan so much. He is going to gives them what they want like he did to Duke.

He lets her go, if she refused to join him. He will rip what he gave to them. Dwight goes to find Audrey at her capture, he meets his daughter.

Vince asks Howard that if he can become controller instead of him, when Nathan back to Vince. He found that he is become the controller of new barn.