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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8

June 13th Part Two

Quentin try to find Phoebe, while Erica tells the press that it’s Mohinder that set the bomb. She heads to basement, Noah following her to the parking.

Noah in past notices him, he stop him before he killed her. Quentin get chance to grab her. He try to ask her about his sister.

Hiro and Angela found out that one of Claire’s baby can take out Evo’s power, so that’s why Claire die. Now Hiro can’t goes back in time because he takes his power.

Noah explains them about Claire, children and Erica. He asks Casper to make him forget but Harris shows up and knock Casper out.

Harris takes Matt to get information from Noah, but before he knows about his child. Casper shows up and make him forget, he knocks down Harris. Matt lets them go.

Farah rescued Carlos from dead, but she didn’t want army knows about her ability. Miko’s father find out about Erica is tricks used him, he used his power to bring Miko from game to save Hiro.

Molly takes Noah to see Hiro, he found old Hiro. They found Nathan, while they are going to use him to bring them back. Harris shows up hostages him, Nathan uses his power escape from him and let Noah killed.

Noah wants him to take them see Angela, they found her. He warns her about Erica’s men. She tells him to prepare the event is coming.

Quentin goes to ask Erica about his sister, she said he will see her. Farah goes to see Angela, she tells her that Malina is humanity’s hope.

After Nathan send out Noah, Hiro spots Harris coming to them. He tells him to takes them out. Nathan can’t leave Hiro, Casper make him forget.