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Haven Season 5 Episode 23

Blind Spot

Nathan and guards are making stand for Croatoan, Vince is freaked out. He thought that everyone blamed him for do nothing, they sedate him.

They notices a body in their building, but Nathan think it’s not Croatoan. Audrey is locked in room separately with invisible force.

Audrey try to shoot out but some force make her gun out, she notices the security camera is on. Then they notice that it’s one of trouble, haunted house. She try to tell them that she didn’t kill victim.

Nathan thinks Croatoan is inside, she try to tell Audrey something. She lets Nathan inside, Audrey thinks with her power they can notice Croatoan. They are going to extend her power.

While Audrey figure out how to use controller, Howard shows up. They try to ask him to build barn, he tells them he can’t do it without authorize.

Then Croatoan back off the power grid, they are in dark. They asks Laverne to be their eye while they are fixing grid.

Audrey and Nathan found Duke has problem, they following Duke. But he is missing, they think Croatoan get him.

They try to convinces Howard, they tells him about Croatoan. She finally convinces him, he is going to build barn. But he tell them that Aether is broken.

Lavern shows them the feed, it seems it’s Duke that try to destroy them for Croatoan. Then Duke shows up, he freezes the other. Audrey is locked by Laverne to protect her. Duke starts to kill people out there, she wants to talk to Duke.

Audrey try to convinces Duke to stop, but she is stopped by him. He kidnapped her out, he shows her Croatoan.