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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 7

June 13th

Hiro takes Noah to Evo’s summit on June 13th, Noah tells them about the bombs. He found out that Claire is also here, while Mohinder and Angela meets outside Odessa. They talk about Renautas and Erica, she tells him about solar flare. And she plans for year, she will choose one will survive.

Angela tells him about vision, she tells him that there is on evo that can revive the earth. But Erica doesn’t agreed, she wants to kill all evo. Mohinder doesn’t believe her and upset with leave.

Eric has Phoebe in control, she wants her to save her brother from end of the world. Luke convinces Joanne to take their son to the summit for help.

At japan, Hiro is captured by Miko’s father into the game. He believes that Erica and Renautas will help the world, but Erica wants his power. He refused, he put him in game.

Noah and Hiro overheard the argument about Erica and Noah about security at summit, after that she arrests him. Angela shows up and tell them about Claire at hospital, her nurse tells them about Claire died from child birth. They rescue her child.

Mohinder meets Molly at summit, he gives her his book. He talks with Erica, he is captured by Harris after he try to confront her.

Noah found that Claire gives birth the twins, Hiro shows up help Mohinder before Harris kill him. He decides to escape from them instead.

Casper shows up and help Noah out, another Noah goes to see Claire’s body. Hiro tells Noah that he can’t save the summit, he tried but it’s worst. When he try to leave, he can’t. Phoebe use his power to block other ability.

Noah thinks something wrong, he try to chase people out. But too late, the bomb explode. Molly, Noah and Casper alives. They takes him to hospital.

Angela tells them about her vision, she tells them Claire’s child will save world. Noah thinks that is why he make himself forget. He tells Hiro to hide them in past, they named them Nathan and Malina.

Molly found that Claire is dead, she didn’t tells Noah that she died. Noah try to attack Erica, but he is spotted by another Noah.