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Haven Season 5 Episode 22

A Matter of Time

Nathan tells William that Mara is dead, after he try to make truce with him and go back to Haven. And asks him to help out of stuck.

Audrey and Duke found Hailie, she stuck her body in fence. They tell her that they can’t move her otherwise she will bleed to dead. Vince and Dwight ask psychologist to hypnotize him to fight with Croatoan.

But Vince and Dwight found out that psychologist dead because of Croatoan, but they don’t remember they are lost time.

Nathan is weaker, he is going to died. William notices something in the cave, in Dave mind. He found something about Croatoan.

William tells Nathan about Aether in cave, he tells him if he gets Aether he will gives him new trouble otherwise they will both died.

Audrey tells Duke that he should kill her and get her troubled then he can open thinnies. He doesn’t agree, he will try to convince her to help.

Croatoan tells Dave that he has been collect trouble, it will enough to leave his body. After Dave is push out, he tells them about clocks he see in his mind. He is going back to destroy them.

Duke decides to kill Hailie, he uses her troubled and open thinnies. William convinces Nathan to gives him Aether before he died, but instead he tricks him. He create creature and help him out of the rock.

William changes his mind and let him goes, before Nathan left he gives William the ring so he can goes back his home.

Nathan is back to world, he found out about Hailie. Dave try to convince Vince to let him back so he can destroy Croatoan lost time ability.

Nathan shows them the controller but they have no idea how to use it. Croatoan leaves Dave’s body, they found message from Dave that he is coming to Audrey.