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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 6

Game Over

Captain tells Carlos about facility that he takes his nephew to, Harris tells Noah about facility that they might keep Francis, Quentin’s sister and Hiro it’s at Midian.

Erica asks Richard to stop Miko from release Hiro, he hide the prison where they hide Hiro. Miko lost and come back to world, Ren tells her that they can find the real prison and help him out. They found out about Midian, they goes to there together and kill the guard And get inside. Noah and them take Harris to inside Midian. While Taylor find out that Francis is dead.

Malina meets Luke, they both found that they are Evo. Captain takes Carlos to the mansion where he sold his nephew.

Tommy takes Emily to France, but he did risk think. Emily upsets on him, he tells her that he supposed to safe the world but he is not hero.

While Harris takes Noah to Hiro, Miko shows up and make them lost him. He tells her he is friend of Hiro, she agreed to help Hiro.

Malina sees Luke try to suicide, she use her power and safe him. Noah and Quentin found out about transportation room, Richard tells them about Hiro. He tells them he trap Hiro in video game.

Miko get in prison to help him, Richard tells them Miko is not real. Miko comes back to world and tells them about her mission.

Harris and Phoebe shows up, they escape to bulletproof room. Quentin tells them that Phoebe is there they will can’t use her power, they lure Harris out of Phoebe. Quentin goes to get his sister. But she killed him, Noah knocks her down.

Miko knows that if she free Hiro she will died, she fight with last enemy and win. She rescue Hiro out, he safe Noah before Harris kill him.

Noah wants Hiro to changed the past, so he can save his friend and evos on that day. He’s agreed and takes him to past.

Carlos is tricked by captain, Malina asks Luke why he wants to suicide. She tells him about her mission, she needs to find Tommy. He tells her that he knows him, she tells him that they are going to save world.