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Haven Season 5 Episode 21

Close to Home

Duke takes Hailie back to Haven, they go to see Nathan. Dave is captured by the guard, Vince try to find way to save him.

Nathan tells Duke the plan, he try to convinces him that he had vision. If Nathan goes in void and didn’t come back, Haven will become hell. Nathan tells him he will come back.

Nathan explains Hailie about how to do, she open void but it’s not stable. So they ask her to open it every 2 hours, she thinks she can do. Nathan gets in the void,

He found himself in the cave, he gets out of it and see the wood. He is looking for controller.

Lisa shows up to Duke, she try to kill him but he is immune. She found that she can hurt him by destroy thing around him.

Nathan found William in the wood, he fells into his trap. He tells him about controller and Croatoan. He convinces him to work with him, he shows him the left of barn.

Nathan found the controller, then Mara’s show up. Vince and Dwight take Dave to see Boyd, they want he to use his troubled to help Dave. But Croatoan control him and kill Boyd.

William found out that Nathan tricks him, he is chasing him back to thinnies. But William chased him and fight with him, Hailie changes her mind she doesn’t want to give up her power. She left, thinnies is close.

After thinnies close, cave is collapsed. Nathan and William are stuck in.