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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 5

The Lion’s Den

Taylor leads Noah to her mother, he wants to asks about her plan. Erica tells Harris to get Miko secretly, he goes out and lure them in. Tommy is tagged and tested by federal agent. Carlos found that his nephew is captured.

Luke goes back to his house, he found no one. Harris’s clone found out about Farah and following her, Miko and Ren also aware about Harri’s clone. They think he make the trap for them.

Tommy found that he is adopted, he surprise and escape. Malina,Farah are found by one of Harris’s clone, but they managed to escape. But they corner them, they captured Farah while Malina escape.

Carlos found that captain is captured by federal agent, he following them. And help him out, he asks him to tell him where they take him.

Taylor lure Erica to their trap in her house, she asks her what is her reason. But she doesn’t want to say, Noah shows up and try to ask her about plan.

Harris shows up with Hiro’s sword and hostages him. But Miko shows up and help them out, she grab sword and get out. She and Ren goes back to Evernow’s world to help her father.

Tommy goes to ask his mother about truth, then a man with coin shows up. They tells him about his father, and his destiny to save the world. He doesn’t want and disappear.

Erica’s man, Richard show her about solar eclipse that will hit the earth soon. It will killed most of humanity.