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Haven Season 5 Episode 20

Just Passing Through

Dave tells Nathan that Croatoan might control his body, he tells him about thinny and woman he saw near the beach.

Nathan and Audrey go to check the beach, but they found nothing. Nathan thinks about goes back in time to check. Vince wants to go back with him.

Vince split to find Dave while Nathan goes to see that woman. Nathan found his father with Lucy, she knows who is that woman, Barbara.

Lucy and James plan to meet at beach, his father aware that Nathan is fake FBI. He try to use Lucy stall him but she failed. He found her at home but she takes out through thinny. Buy his father shows up stop him, he convinces he is his son.

Vince is remembered by Dave, he tells him to leave Haven. Nathan’s father tells Nathan about Lucy and barn, she has to kill her son to end trouble. Lucy overheard it and left.

Nathan tells his father if she kill James, everyone will died. Lucy goes to get gun from Dave, he tells Vince that he decides to fight it instead.

Lucy is going to kill James, Nathan stops her before she did. He explains her what happen, he stops her to watch what happen.

His father is chasing Barbara, she escapes him into thinnies. Dave and Vince try to shoot something in void, but Dave is pull in thinnes. When he gets out he is controlled by Croatoan. He goes to kill James, Nathan tells her to let him. After killed Croatoan goes back to void. After that Nathan goes back to future.

Audrey tells him there is no any Colton in town, how they can open the void. Duke gets the letter from future from Nathan. He asks him to find Colton and send back to Haven.