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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 4

The Needs of the Many

Tommy and his mother survives the accident, he uses his power to send his mother to hospital. While he is arrest by police.

Joanne and Luke stills chase after Evo, they just kill one one them. He also has his family, Luke is confusing his mission.

Ren asks his fan to help him and Miko to USA, Noah and Quentin try to find the plan to stop Epic. They hostages Taylor to help Molly out, Noah try to convinces her to questions against her mother.

Taylor goes to ask Erica about her boyfriend, Francis. She wan’t tell her, she try to ask her what she try to accomplish when round  up Evo. She said to save human species.

Tommy found that his mother is injured, they need the blood he wants them to test it while his friend doesn’t agreed.

Luke try to hidden what he is from Joanne, he tells her that they should stop hunting Evo. She doesn’t agree, during way he decides to show her his power. She freaks out but instead of kill him, she leave him.

Luke, Carlos, Miko, Noah, Tommy, Malina and Farah see the sky with strange color, at night Carlos updated his armor and show it to Father. He tells him that he will get that captain first.

Tommy found that his blood not match with his mother, he and Emily go to get it. His mother nurse warns him about federal agent. But too late they are waiting him there , Taylor helps Noah to get Molly back, Noah kill 3 of Harris and keep moving.

Carlos’s nephew found out his secret, but he and Father are captured by captain. Miko and Ren arrives at Epic head’s quarter.

Noah, Taylor found Molly and Francis along with other Evo captured. She tells him the machine can’t stop, she tells him about his dead daughter. Molly decides to suicide, to stop Erica kill other Evo.

Harris report Erica about Molly’s dead, she tells him to find that girl and kill her by himself.