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Haven Season 5 Episode 19


Dwight tells Vince and Dave about Croatoan kill Charlotte, he and Audrey wants them to help them find it. She tells him to get another vision.

Duke meets a man, he tells him that he’s not wrong. He knows about his family, he tells him about Croatoan. His family is the one who collect the trouble for Croatoan.

Nathan can’t find anything about Charlotte’s note, he thinks may be he should goes to talk to her one last time. Last time tarot teller told him that her sister can talk to the dead, he wants her to help talk to Charlotte.

But her sister tells him that she actually can’t talk to dead but bring them back, Dave’s vision tell them where is it. But Croatoan found that Dave is looking for it, Nathan shows up and tell them he can get Charlotte’s back.

But they think it’s dangerous, they have not much choice. After Charlotte wakes up she doesn’t remember anything, but then she remember what happen.

Duke is attacked by that man, he found himself at Haven. He meets a girl, she tells many people die but Vince still alive. He also has been told that he will either save his friend or kill them all.

Audrey found that people after back they become undead and eating people, she found if Charlotte turn she will comes to kill her and Dwight. After that all undead start to attacking them at station.

Audrey try to convince Ona to let them goes, it works undead they gone. Before Charlotte goes, she tells Audrey about her father and tells Nathan about new barn.

Vince and Dave found Charlotte’s case, they wonder how it’s there. Audrey shows up and tell them that Dave kill Charlotte and put the case there.