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Haven Season 5 Episode 18

Wild Card

Dave just has vision again about couple is attacked, he and Vince go to check their house. They found one them is still alive,but she doesn’t remember anything like she lost time.

Dwight and Nathan go to check a man who claims that he heard something coming for him. Nobody believes him, he is killed by it in front of their eye.

Charlotte tells Audrey about new barn that will cure people not kill them. But they have to gather all ether. She tells Audrey about her father, and Aether.

Dwight and Nathan found out that trouble are coming for them too, after that they found Charlotte and Audrey has it too.

Duke and Seth found the healer that they are looking, he shows them how to do it. Nathan and Dwight go to see tarot card reader, they found that they have injured same as cards. But she doesn’t remember that she did.

They tells what they found to Audrey and Charlotte, once she heard name croaton she tells them it’s monster name that might kill her father. Audrey thinks croaton might knows what they want to do.

Dwight is in bad shape, Nathan asks tarot card teller to draw card for them. It save Dwight’s, Charlotte is also get worse. They ask to draw more card, they seem better.

Audrey and Charlotte use their emotion and get all aether, she tells Audrey to leave and hide aether. But after that Charlotte also leave him.

Audrey found out that she is going to disappear,  Nathan asks teller to draw another card by re-shuffle it. He will asks her good question, he did asked on time before she disappear. it also help Dwight out, he goes after Charlotte.

Charlotte while packing, she found her husband. She try to attack her but she failed, Audrey found her injured. She tells Audrey that Croaton is her father.