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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 2


Tommy tells Emily about his power and his childhood, but her boyfriend found out. He try to blackmail him, Tommy agreed to do something for him. He wants him to make his stepfather disappear. But he afraid to do and run out. Noah goes to get that man who stalks him out of prison. He tells him that he worked for Renautas, but after he found out he left. Noah tells him about Molly, Evo that can find anyone. They have to find her before them.

Luke and Joanne is sent to a room, they can’t escape out. Ren goes to see Miko again, but he found that she is in the game. He use his character and help her. She almost get him out but she is knock out and back to world.

Noah takes that man to Odessa, Primatech. They are looking for clue, they go to level 5. Looks for the file about Molly and Renautas. They found that Molly and Claire are not at the summit. He tells him about his sister, Phoebe. He is looking for her, he tells him he will help him find Claire.

Carlos goes to get name from one of police that set up Oscar, he tells him it’s his captain. Noah heard the gun shot, Luke and Joanne are shoots out. He found the bodies in the operate room.

Luke and Joanne grab Noah’s car along with the list of all Evo. Noah found out about product that Renautas will launch.

Molly is captured by couple of Evo.