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Haven Season 5 Episode 17

Enter Sandman

After attack of sandman Audrey is in her dream, she is going to marry. Nathan found her, he also see the sandman there. He tells him she’s gone.

Duke is release out by Seth, but he doesn’t remember anything about Haven. He tried to make him believe that Haven exist.

Dwight asking Sandman that how it’s happening. But he wants him to wake she up but he said he wants to keeps her. He goes to sleep, he goes inside in Audrey’s dream. She’s his fiance. Sandman is obsesses with her, he is going to keep her sleep forever.

Sandman starts to kill other except Audrey to show to Dwight, one of them feels something strange.

After a push, finally Seth becomes remember everything. He tells Duke he will find the way to help him.

Charlotte tells Dwight that she wants to get inside sandman and help Audrey out. She try to seduces him, but he knows it and he is going to stop her.

Charlotte gets inside but she doesn’t remember anything, she is Aubrey’s bridesmaid. But she suddenly notices something, she and other try to convinces Audrey to stop this wedding.

Audrey and Charlotte found Sandman kill his best friend, Charlotte then remember everything she tells Audrey about danger. She convinces her that what she see is not real. She finally gets her memory back.

They wants Audrey to win him from inside, they give her information to beat him. She tells him the truth, she try to convinces him. He can’t control himself, his power collapse. They all back to their body, while Sandman trap in his dream forever.