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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 1

Brave New World

Noah is at the summit where Evos are gathering, then there is attacked with big explosion. Noah stills alive, after that he becomes sales man.

At night one of Evo is chasing by group of men, but he escape. A man is changed, while few men comes after him. He cut his hand and fly up.

year later, mother and child found that police is checking for Evo. They turn their car back, at night that boy go to the Evo’s group. They talk about what happen at summit, one of them talking about revolution. One of them is human, he infiltrate there waiting for his partner and kill them all.

At school that boy found that one the man in group is died, Noah found out that he is be watched by someone at work and at home. He confronts him, he tells him about Renautas. But he is arrested by police before he can say more.

Carlos found that Oscar goes out every night as hero and safe the city, but one night he is tricked and injured. After he tells him the truth he died.

Tommy found the killers, they hostage him out. But one girl she likes there found out, they are going to kill her. He uses his power send them away, she tells him she will keep his secret.

Noah found out about some clue about company, he meets Rene there. After he gives him the glass, he try to kill him. He asks why he said he asked him to kill him, he needs to forget. He tells him that it’s coming.

Miko found out about letter’s from her father, he wants her to safe him. She enter the game’s world to find her father.