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Haven Season 5 Episode 16

The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

After Nathan tells other about Kira’s dead, her fiance wants Dwight to deal with Nathan for fair.

Nathan tells Dwight about Ether they found but Kira’s is trap under the pit, he wants them to get Kira’s back before dead. Audrey decides to put Nathan on trial to satisfy people.

Dwight tells town about trial, they are agreed with him. Like this they will have time to rescue Kira’s back. They give Vince and Dave to managed the trial.

But Kira’s fiance wants he dead, Vince and Dave try to find any loopholes to help him. Dwight and Charlotte go to rescue Kira.

Kira’s fiance blames everything bad at Nathan, while Audrey found out some gang try to find┬áman with darkness by kill everyone that similar to him. She stop them and arrest them.

Audrey found out that Kira’s fiance might be a one who own darkness. She goes to see him, his troubled activated and they are in dark.

Dwight and Charlotte are trapped in the dark room without any supply support, they have only 1 light stick.

Kira’s finance finally get pass his emotion, everyone is safe. Dwight and Charlotte found Kira, and see a lot of Ether. They back with Kira, they are all happy.

Audrey try to ask Kira’s fiance about Nathan’s information he got, but he has no idea about it. He tells her it’s like he lost time.

Duke accidentally activated his trouble and become black eye, he chasing daughter of troubled he wants to help. She managed to lock him in trailer.

Audrey found out that who behind the attack to Nathan is the sandman. He knocks her down.