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Grimm Season 5 Episode 6

Wesen Nacht

Trubel wakes up, she sees Nick, Adalind and baby Kelly. At night group of wesen show up in town, they start to break the city building and kill people.

Trubel tells them about HW group, secret government. They need Grimm on their side, she work with them a while. She tells them about Mesiner, seem they don’t want their baby.

Hank calls Nick about the attack in town, they check the body and scene. They also found the similar symbol there. Monrole and Rosalee knows some of victim. Nick and Hank go to see them for more info.

Wu found the one that kidnapped, Nick goes to question him. But he tells them one of suspect he remember. But when police wants him to identify her, he refused. Nick asks Monroe and Rosalee to convinces him.

Nick and Hank get the name from her, Dallas. She decides to help them, they set up her to lead them there. Rosalee found that the victim set them up a trap, she called them but too late.

They running to hide inside building, after a while Nick goes to check out side and found they are all dead.

Nick and them found that who rescue them is Juliete.