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Haven Season 5 Episode 15


The guards shares supply to all town people, Dwight tells Nathan he worried about darkness. Then some of town people try to steal supply he run to the dark basement, Nathan try to warn him but too late. He is dead because darkness.

After Duke try out to find decent job, he has a lot of trouble about it. Dwight wants Nathan to fix the power plant, before darkness attacked.

At night Dwight tells other that he will throw the thief out next sunrise. Nathan and Audrey think he will killed with darkness.

Vince found out about killer in their camp, he tells the other not to tell anyone. Wife of victim tells Aubrey that her husband see a man who might has darkness as troubled.

Monty’s daughter shows up to Duke asks him for help her father about debt he had, he agreed to help her.

Nathan’s team to fix power plant enter the warning line but Dave make the noise and wake the trouble. It kill one of them, Nathan and other barely escape.

Charlotte tells Nathan that the first step to cure trouble they need a lot of ether. They back and found there is rooting at plant too, they found the plant and try to fix it but instead they overload it.

Audrey found out from Vince about serial killer, that include also his son. She also figure out that they found they way not to kill other, but put them in sleeps stage.

At night, while power is off. Audrey found how to make light from two troubles. They are safe for now, Nathan try to find the ether he found it in the pit.

Next day the electric is stable, Dave and Charlotte come back and found that Nathan and other doesn’t come back yet. Audrey try to go out and find Nathan, but they found he’s back alone.