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Grimm Season 5 Episode 5

The Rat King

After found her Nick rush her to hospital, at night group of teenagers Wesen go after other wesen. They try to hunt down weak wesen rat type, while they are attack him. The rat king shows up and kill them, one of them escape.

Nick found out about fake identity of Trubel, while Adalind found out that the man in other side is Meisner. He asks her about Trubel but she didn’t tells him.

After Trubel wakes up, she uses her fake name tell doctor. Nick asks Hank to check her cycle. They found that it’s belong to Trubel, he asks them to check her address.

Adalind tells Nick about Meisner who is on other side of phone, he found that her cycle armed. At night wesen comes in and do something to her.

Wu shows Nick and Hank the bodies, one of their girl friend call them. They go to see her, she tells them about rat that victims like to hunt.

Nick and Hank go to check dump, but they get nothing. They explain to Rosalee and Monrole, they thinks it’s the rat king but they think it’s not exist.

Then they get the call from one of their girlfriend, she tells them that they come to get him and her. Nick and them head to help them back.

At dump Rosalee found their tunnel, they heading inside and found their girl friend still alive. While they outside, they found group of raisen. They gathering and become Rat king, they are running from it now.

Nick try to lure it near the power line, and shock it with. They collapse and separated as people.

At night Meisner shows up at house, Adalind open door for him. Meisner calls Nick that Truble is in danger, Nick rush to there. He following them to the basement, before they gets out Mesiner shows up stop them.

Nick shows up in time, they managed to stop them. Nick takes Trubel back to home, he asks Adalind about Meisner.