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Haven Season 5 Episode 14

New World Order

Duke’s trouble gone out and goes to people, Nathan goes to check them while she and Charotte takes Duke to hospital.

Vince and Dave tells Nathan and Dwight about Croaton, Dwight try to tells his officers to calm down the people but too late they start to get hurt.

After Duke wakes up he feel this this is his responsible. Nathan and Dwight go to check last place they lost communication with his men. They found stop people, and found fog barrier.

Dwight decides to tell his people about trouble, he try to explain them how to managed them. Duke shows up at station to Nathan to help him.

They go to see Lisa, anything she touches it will explode. Nathan spots one of Joe’s child. While they corner him, his trouble kick out and make all of them stop except Duke. He convinces Joe to unfreeze the other.

Vince and Dave try to find out about Croaton from Dave’s subconscious. They drunk him, he found the place.

Charlotte try to convinces Audrey to leave town, then she figure out that barn is not going to help trouble people but when it’s trigger it will kill all them. Audrey is upset and ask her to leave.

Vince and Dave shows Nathan and Audrey Joe’s body, even he died his trouble still there. So their killer is in Haven too. After Dwight knows about his dead, he tells all town that there is fog around town. He wants them to work together, he asks guard to help them all.

Audrey and Nathan thinks Duke might be able to get out, but he said he is the problem. He leaves town, Dwight tells Nathan that there is no police anymore but there is only guard.

Charlotte tells them that she can’t get out too, they tell her to find another way to cure the troubled.