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Grimm Season 5 Episode 4

Maiden Quest

While Rosalee and Monrole enjoin their dinner, Adalin call her for help on her son crying. At night groups of wesen is chosen by father of their love, Troyer. He wants them to kill someone for him, Frankie.

Adalin tells Nick about chance that she might get back to her old job, Nick tells her it’s too early.

That man goes after his target Frankie, while he attacks him. Wesen shows up and kill that man instead.

Next day Hank and Nick goes to talks to Frankie about the dead man, he tells them that that man save his life. They talks to Sean about it.

Next day father of their lover, send more men after Frankie. His daughter goes to warn one she love, but he still keep going.

Nick, Sean and Hank found out about Troyer that the victim goes to see him before. They decide to see him about, but they refused anything.

Frankie just hide more security but one of them is from Troyer’s men, this night he just left with Troyer’s man. At night he try to kill him again, but Wesen shows up and kill him again.

Nick and Hank go to ask Frankie again, but he knows not much. They explain to Rosalee and Monrole, they tell them about Maiden quest for these wesen.

Troyer force the third competition to kill Frankie otherwise he will kill him by himself, once he leaves. Nick and polices shows up and arrest him, they question him. But he said he knows nothing.

Mother of one of the victim goes to see Frankie, she tells him about Troyer. At night Frankie goes to see him, he try to kill him. But his daughter shows up attack him, Frankie accidentally shoot him dead. He tells her this quest is for her.

At night while Nick at home, he found Trubel shows up and injured.