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Gotham Season 2 Episode 11

Worse Than a Crime

Theo’s sister still chasing after Alfred in garbage, Bruce is kidnapped by Theo. He tells Bruce about their family. They tells him they will killed him at midnight.

Gordon wakes up and see Ngyma and Osborne, he asks him to work with them to get Theo.

Theo wants Silver to make Bruce fall with her again, he wants she to make him kiss her before he died. To prove herself before tonight, she agreed and goes to see him.

Alfred escapes from them, he is knocks off by police. Barnes makes post for Gordon as wanted man for assault Theo and working with Osborne. Lee tells him that Gordon is not, Ngyma tells Lee about where she can see him.

Lee found him with Osborne, she found that Gordon and Osborne are working together. He tells her he wants to take down Theo. Lee then tell him that she pregnant.

After Silver talks to Bruce, he decides to help Bruce out. She shoots the guard and takes him out, but Theo is waiting there for them. They lock both of them again.

Lucius goes to see Barnes, he tells him about missing Bruce and Alfred. But they found Alfred is captured by police, he tells them about Theo’s associate.

Alfred tells Bullock that he wants to see Theo himself, but they have no man enough. Ngyma tells them about Gordon, while Gordon decides to leave with Lee. Alfred and Bullock shows up, she knows that he will goes with them.

Silver tells Bruce that she loves him, but he tells her that he didn’t love her. But he pity her, he knows that she is playing him. She tells him the truth about her uncle force her to do it to prove to him.

Bruce kisses Silver before Theo gets him out, Gordon, Alfred, Osborne and other goes to Theo’s tower with help from Selina. Silver try to stop them from kill him, Gordon and other shows up.

They managed to kill all monks there and rescue Bruce, Theo and them escape. They is going to attack Silver, his sister help her instead and left him there.

Gordon shows up and arrest him, he changes his mind and wants to kill him. But Barnes shows up and stop him, Osborne shows up and knock up Barnes. He convinces him, he and Osborne takes Theo to the port. After Osborne beats him well, Gordon kill him.