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Grimm Season 5 Episode 3

Lost Boys

Nick takes Adalin out of his old house, in wood children chasing their mother. She run to the road and knock herself out, while truck coming they see driver takes her out. They are wesen children, one of them said they will find new mother.

Nick takes Adalin to old warehouse, he puts a lot of security around. After that Hank calls him for case, he rush out to see the body.

Hank and Nick check woman’s body found in wood, at station Sean’s contact comes to see Sean. He tells him what happen to the king, his daughter and Victor become king.

Rosalee caught children when they try to steal hers, she lets him go after he tells her that it’s for his sister.

A girl shows up at Rosalee, while she distracts her other children show up and kidnapped her. Monrole is on the phone with her while she is kidnapped. He called Nick, the children takes her to their home.

Nick and Hank found that children might connected to Rosalee’s missing, Monrole gets their scents from the victim. They start from where they found the victim, Monrole following their scent.

Rosalee found more children, they try to take care her by give her food. Before go to bed, they ask her to tell them story. She tells them about Grimm until they all fell asleep. She running out and fell in their trap, they following her and help her out.

Monrole, Hank and Nick found them, they takes them to station. Rosalee found that they will takes back to system.

But children are takes to warden that same group as a man who killed Chavez.