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Gotham Season 2 Episode 10

The Son of Gotham

After Gordon attended to cop’s funeral, he goes to see Theo at prison. He asks if he knows name Katerine, he said no. She is the cop that killed by his assassin.

Gordon fells bad about what will happen tomorrow, he thinks Theo might not be in prison. He tells Barnes about it, but he doesn’t believe him.

Bullock found that Theo try to buy the place,  but the owner won’t sell. They go to check that place, at same time group of men show up there.

Bruce try to talks with Silver to get the name from her, nearby there is a van looking for him.

Gordon and Bullock are at there, they heard scream and found women run out. They go to check and ambush by monk, he stops him but then he killed himself before he can get anything from him.

Gordon tells Barnes about them, he agrees with him to make them stop before trial is end. Bruce gets message from Silver that she knows the name and wants him to see her. But he found her kidnapped by some men, he threaten her life and wants him to get on.

Their leader tells Bruce that his employer doesn’t like when someone try to figure out about how Bruce’s parent died. He wants to know what Theo say anything, he try to tortured them. But Silver tells them Theo didn’t tell her anything, he wants her to stall him until he escapes.

That man comes back and try to hurt her, she backs to her real face. She gives up and tells him the name, M. Slone. Bruce and Selina show up, they trick her. Bruce said good bye to her, he knows everything about her from Selina.

After check the monk’s body, Gordon thinks they are hidden in sewer. He and Bullock go to check it, they found a  body of criminal inside. They are ambush by monk, but they managed to knock him down.

That monk is dying, Gordon try to tricks him to tell something. He talk about son of gotham. Alfred is looking for Bruce at Silver’s house, he meet Theo’s sister. When she try to kill him, he knocks her instead. But she chases him out and hurt him before escape.

Gordon goes to the court, former mayor tells court that Theo didn’t kidnapped him but Osborne. Court releases him out, he tricks him to hurt him. He is taken out and kidnapped by Theo.

He asks him about the monks, he tells him about his family revenge. He lefts, and he try to kill him. Osborne shows up and rescue him.

Theo goes to see Bruce, he tells him he wants his life.