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Grimm Season 5 EpisodeĀ 2

Clear and Wesen Danger

One night boss of company found out that company’s money is missing. He asks to check who is doing, one of his employee turn to Wesen and killed him and called 911.

Nick tells his friends that Chavez is dead, he tells them about wezen that attacked them. He brings them back to the place they met but nothing is there. They think someone try to cover it.

While Nick is take care his baby, Hank works with new partner. They go check the body, Hank questions the witness.

Nick takes Adalind back home, he tells her about Juliet when she asked about her. He tells her about selling this house and move out.

Hank takes a suspect and questions him, Nick confirms him that he is wesen. But Marshall shows up and takes him out, Nick try to warn them but they won’t listen. On the way they are killed by it.

Nick comes back home and found 2 FBI at home, they suspect him about Chavez missing.

Hank tells Nick about suspect he may link to someone one killed Chavez and kidnapped Trubel. They following the missing money to company, Nick and them go to check it. They found it’s related to another one, they go to their place.

Suspect escapes while Nick and them chasing him, Wu approach him he has no choice but kill him. When he’s back to another one, she destroy all data and suicide.

They still has no idea what symbol at the scene mean, Nick is selling his house.