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Gotham Season 2 Episode 9

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Theo’s sister escape from GCPD, she goes to see the assassin to kill Gordon. He found that Barbara may not awake.

Bruce invites Silver, he wants to know that she knows about information Theo’s has. But Alfred stop him before, but before leave she secretly set meeting with him.

Gordon is attacked by assassin, but he manage to knocks him down. His phone ring, on the other side of line found that he still alive. She calls next assassin.

Barnes and Gordon found out that¬†there are assassins shows up for him, they managed to stop them but Barnes is hurt. Gordon found something behind the wall in Theo’s room.

Enigma rescues and heal Osborne, he found him hide in the wood and injured. They become friends.

Another assassin shows up, Gordon goes down to face him. Bruce try to sneaks out to see Silver but Selina shows up and stop him. She tells him that Silver is bad and she has prove.

At night group of men show up at dock, they kill guard at doc and enter the city.