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Grimm Season 5 Episode 1

The Grimm Identity

Mask men barges in and capture Trubel, he is knocked out. He has dream about Juliet funeral. He also sees a lot of coffin and his mother’head.

After wake up he found Trubel, his mother head and Juliette’s body are missing, Hank is on the way to see him.

Nick remembered about Trubel talks about Chavez, he tells Hank about her. They are going after her.

Hank tells Sean and Wu about Nick, while Nick goes to see Chavez at FBI. He excuses her did last night, but she refuses he is dragged out. Hank tells him about victims around his house. Sean tells Nick to back off from Chavez otherwise he will suspend him.

Nick upsets and leave, Hank and Wu asks Monrole to help Nick. Nick won’t stop, he try to find out about Chavez. Monrole get Chavez’s address, he goes to stop Nick before he did stupid.

Monrole found Nick, but he don’t want his help. He is waiting her at her house, he knocks her down.

Nick takes her to Rosalee’s shop, he asked her about Trubel. But she won’t, Bud call Nick that Adalind is in labor. He goes to see her at hospital, but his baby’s heart is drop out.

Chavez gets the call from someone, she tells them about Nick is Grimm and she will bring him back to night. She tells Nick to go alone with her to get answer, he’s agreed.

She takes Nick to her place, but they found body. They are ambushed, Chavez is injured. She tells him there is a war before she died.

Nick goes to see his baby and Adalind, she asks him to hold their son. She said his name is Kelly.