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Gotham Season 2 Episode 8

Tonight’s the Night

After Barbara wakes up from bad dream, she found the dress. Theo tells them that he needs Gordon is distracted, so he can finish off Bruce.

Gordon explains Barnes that everything is planned by Theo, he tells him to get the prove. Barbara shows up at station, they arrest her.

Gordon questions Barbara what is her purpose, Gordon tells Barnes and them that he thinks she is up to something. He wants to play along to find out about Theo.

Theo invites Bruce to talks about his plan, he tells him about Wayne’s enterprise about toxic waste dump, illegal weapon, illegal experiment. He tells him that he will finish it, Theo tells him he can’t. He wants him to sell his share, so he can change Gotham. He also tells him about the man who kill his parent, if he sells his share.

Gordon and them prepare the force to go with Barbara. Lee is not agree much. During the transportation, Gordon tells her that he knows that Theo is behind her. He is using her, he try to convinces her.

But they are hit by truck, he is injured. Arm men shows up, he is injected by someone and unconscious and kidnapped.

Bruce asks Alfred about his training, he tells him about what Theo said. He convinces him otherwise.

Gordon wakes up in church and tied, he sees Barbara in wedding dress. She wants to marry him, they also captured Lee there. Bullock found out that where is Gordon, he tells Barnes about it.

Gordon get out from tie, GCPD shows up Barbara starts to run. He found her upstairs, they fight and she fell down but not dead. Gordon found from her that old mayor still alive in old warehouse, they go there and found him.

Before Bruce sell his share to him, he suddenly changes his mind. Gordon shows up and arrest him.