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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 10


They are storming by them, but after they chase them out. Dan decides to stay the night to avoid another ambush.

Next day there are group of cycles come in, they want to join them in war. Tom gets info from other militia about wall surround Washington. Tom plans to use the new arrival to distract them while he leads the team to hidden tunnel to the queen.

Tom and them go through the tunnel, they found the eggs inside. Cochise tells them that it’s a baby overlord they are violent. They have to avoid them, but one of it hatch and attack them. They wakes them up, they try to explode them.

Tunnel collapses and Tom stuck on other side, he tells them to move on and meet together later. Tom walks through to Lincoln’s statue, he thinks he found the queen. She captured him, Tom lost his weapon.

She tells him that in past, her daughter is killed by human. Now she is here to revenge her, he try to distracts her while get the weapon.

Dan found out that Anne is hit while explosion, while queen is killing him by suck out his blood. Tom grab the weapon, it goes inside him through her. She’s dead. All Ephiny’s start to die.

Anne’s dead, Ben goes to tell Tom about her. He rush to see her, he thinking of something. He takes her to see Rebecca, he asks them to help her.

While he is waiting her back, Pope shows up but he is very injured. He wants him to killed him but he said war is over. He done killing, he died by himself.

Tom was the presidents but they are going to ask him more times. Anne is alive, now he is going to give speech.