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Gotham Season 2 Episode 7

Mommy’s Little Monster

Butch takes Osborne to the warehouse, he found his mother and Theo there. He asks him to shoot them, but instead he shoot his men instead. Osborne begs them to release his mother. Then they kill her, Theo tells Butch to kill him. But he taunted Theo to kill him, he get chances and cut him and escape.

Theo shows up at station, he tells them that Osborne try to kill him. He wants them to execute martial law once he become mayor. Gordon is not so agreed.

Selina found Silver with Bruce, at his back Silver threaten her not to come to near Bruce. Selina chases her out, Bruce is upset at her.

Osborne decides to kill Theo tonight to revenge his mother, Theo thinks that he will goes after him.

Gordon starts to suspicious Theo, he thinks everything might be his planning. They go to see Butch, he tells them he is not with Osborne anymore. Outside Victor shows up he just want Butch, he tells them everything about Theo and Osborne. After they chase Victor out, he disappear.

Bruce goes to apologize Silver for what Selina done, at night GCPD gathering to protect Theo from Osborne. Now he become the mayor, he asks him about Butch. But he said nothing to him.

One of Gordon man found Osborne comes in, before he shoots him. Theo’s sister shoot him first, but they found it’s not him. Men dress like him storming the party, Gordon gets him out. But Osborne shows up and found them, he tells him about his mother.

Theo’s sister shots him and chase him out, Osborne escapes. Gordon confronts Theo, he knows the truth of him now.