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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 9


Ben translate what he heard to them, he tells them about Ephiny’s queen. Ben try to figure out where is the queen but Tom stop him.

Dingaan be able to connect them to other militia, Tom announces them about attack to Washington.

Tom sees Rebecca again, he’s following her to the ocean and see their ship. Rebecca tells them their queen is here because they are sure of winning, she gives him the weapon that can kill all of them.

While patrol, Maggie and Matt found Lexi. Maggie tells him she must be fake like Katie, but he won’t listen and bring her to base. Dan also tells him that, he takes her arrest.

Tom found out about her, he goes to talks to her and believe her. He shows Anne and Dan about weapon he gets, it can kill them all. He try to tested it but they are not sure.

While they get the injures army in base, they found it’s Pope’s men disguise. They fight with him, Tom end up blow him up. Anthony help Anne from shot, he is injured but he will ok.

Lexi try to convinces Tom, Ben try to find out more information about queen himself. He tell Anne that he found it, it’s about Tom.

Lexi get chances and grab Tom inside, she try to kill him. Anne and Dan comes in, Ben throw the weapon to her and kill her. Ben tells them that he heard them that he is the target.

From Ben’s info, they think queen might be at the Lincoln’s statue. While they are preparing to take off, Ephiny’s army is heading to them.