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Gotham Season 2 Episode 6

By Fire

Butch go to see Theo, he tells him what Osborne did to him. He wants Theo to takes him in.

Gordon try to find the female arsonist from last night, Bridget is with Selina they are going to find money. She shows her the place that sale girl, they are going to rob this place. They get a lot of money from them.

Barnes blame Gordon for what he did when he beats suspect, he shows Gordon the security camera about Bridget and Selina from last night.

Gordon goes to see her, but while Selina send Bridget out of city her family shows up and kidnapped her. She goes back to gather her arm but Gordon shows up, she tells him about her.

Bridget is forced by her family again, but she decides to kill them all. Butch told Osborne that he’s in but he can’t push Theo too hard.

Gordon and Bullock found them burned to death, they lost the track to who hired them to set fire on Wayne’s. Gordon tells Barnes that he promises to his informant that he will not kill Bridget.

Theo found that Butch is brainwashed by Osborne, he let her sister to fix him. Selina found Bridget that she wants to go out and get rid of bullies. She try to warns her but she won’t listen.

Bruce has dinner with Theo, Silver and his sister. He tells him about employee of Wayne’s missing.

Selina tells Gordon where he might found Bridget, she goes out to release the woman out from sale place. Gordon and GCPD are waiting her outside. He try to convinces her stop but she won’t, she burned herself when she try to burned GCPD’s car.

Butch back to Osborne he tells him that he found her mother, but they need to leave now. She is at warehouse.

Gordon found from Selina that Osborne is behind the arson. She is upset him after know she died.