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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 8

Stalag 14th Virginia

They are going to execute them, 7 hours earlier that Katie try to convinces Dan to be on her side. She asks him for more of them, after that he following her outside the base. He found she comes to gives some one answer, he killed it.

At night Tom’s men resist and try to get them out, Katie captured all of them. Dan shows the body of overlord he just killed to one of private, he tells him that he following Katie here. He asks him what happen to her.

Maggie and Isabelle try to get Tom and Hal out, but Dan stop them first. He tells them they will get chance and get back reinforcement with Matt.

One of them drive truck back to camp with overlord’s body, he tells them that while he’s patrol he found it and kill it.

All soldiers are join and want to go out and search for them, but Katie tells them to back off. Dan convinces some soldiers with him, after he found out that Anne is captured. He goes to asks Katie, she shows him the grave of men she execute for traitor.

Tom and other are rescue out of Brig, few of switch soldiers help them escape out the base. But only Tom gets out, one of them try to resist her but he get killed.

At morning, they are going to execute them. They let Anne speaks, she speaks and stalling until Tom came. But he still not come, but while they order them to kill them, they don’t.

Tom gets in with reinforce, but he tells them not to shoot. Kaity try to kill Tom but Dan killed her first. then they found out that she is not human. She tells them before died that she is just an experiment.

Ben touch the devices, he found the one that over the overlord. Cochise them that he doesn’t think it’s possible.