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Gotham Season 2 Episode 5


Osborne try to negotiate and get her mother out from Theo, but he refused. Theo captured one of employee from Wayne’s.

Barnes and his team barge in one of penguin base and captured his men. Gordon tells him about place Merc. He paid for council so it’s not touch.

Theo shows up to see Gordon at station, he wants him to endorse him as mayor. But he refuses him.

Theo’s sister goes to see Osborne, she wants him to set fire on some place. Butch goes to see Selina about best arsonist in town, he wants them to work for Osborne. They agree to worked.

While they are going to by supply at Merc, GCPD shows up and raid them. One of them try to escape with bomb, he resists they shoot him explode.

At night one of them setup the explosion and get to the safe and get old knife out, they success escape.

Barnes and Gordon found that they are professional, they have to check where is their next target.

Osborne found that old knife belong to Wayne’s, he wants to know what if this means something to Theo. He takes it to asks antique professional, she doesn’t want to tell about it. She tells them about 5 families that control Gotham, one day one of family Dumas makes the mistake they use knife to cut his hand out and cast them out. Waynes also changed everything about them and wipe them from history, Dumas is ancestor of Theo.

Gordon found that arsonist are target all Wayne’s property. He thinks he found the next target.

Osborne wants to send Butch as his spy, he will send him to Theo and when he gets in. He will help his mother out. To convinces Theo, he cut his hand off.

Gordon and Bullock stakes out and found the arsonist’s van, they show up and stop them. One of them burn up officer and escape with help from Selina. That police is dead, Gordon decides to get help from Theo.

Theo’s Father shows up, he tell him that now their brother is coming. Bruce wayne will died.