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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 7

Everybody Has Their Reasons

Tom and Dan go to check the naval base, they see a lot of solders. While they try to approach them, they are ambush by them.

Marshall Katie then shows up, Dan knows her. She said they are the 14th, later Tom and Dan move their men in the base.

Dingaan try to remove Espheni’s device by force, but Cochise rescues him from explosion. They have to find another way to remove it.

They stay with soldiers for a while, they wonder how they are survived for long time. One night soldiers try to captured Ben, he knocks them down. But he is back attack and knock down.

He try to remove his spikes by hand, while Tom confront Katie about the attack seem she doesn’t want to move her men. After that Tom found out that they captured Ben, they want to question him about spikes.

They start to captured them one by one, Dan goes to ask Katie about it. She tells them about concerns of few of his men.

Dan found that Matt stills not captured, he tells him to get reinforcement from the other.

Dingann found the way to get device out and success, Matt success gets out for reinforce. Hal and Tom get chances and breakout the Brig but failed.

Maggie and Isabelle are managed to knock one of them down, she found out about he removed spikes from Ben.

Dan found truth from Katie and judge, court martial. He try to convinces her to understand, Katie open the court martial to trial on Tom, Ben and Hal. She judges that they are guilty to work for enemy. She is going to execute them.