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Gotham Season 2 Episode 4

Strike Force

Osborne is asking his people about Arkham, but nobody said they did. He tells them they need to put back people confident back. Theo’s sister goes to invite Osborne to him.

Barnes shows up as new captain, he comes in and start to fired corrupt police. He talks to Gordon, he appoints him as his second command.

Osborne found that Theo is the one behind the Arkham breakout, Theo shows him his new plan. He wants him to be his destroyer, he wants to be mayor to do this plan. He tells him to get rid of his opponents, but he refused.

They show them that his mother is captured by them, he has to do their work. Barnes tells Gordon to see him in morning at academy. He tells him about force, graduation polices.

They go to interview them and gather them on their new force. Gordon thinks they are too young.

After Theo is attacked by arm man in public, he announce them that he will run for mayor. Osborne takes his men to get rid Theo’s opponent.

Gordon and Bullock go to check the crime scene, the witness won’t tell anything. But one of them describe one of them as Osborne.

Bruce has lunch with Theo to thanks him about save his life, he introduces him his niece Silver.

At night Victor is after another candidate, before he kill him. Gordon and his force shows up and stop him. Gordon goes to see Osborne, but he threaten him back with his secret.

Barnes tells Gordon and his force that they will give first assignment to take down penguin.