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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 6


Tom wakes up and found Alicia, he is panic and scare her. She locked him in room, then Willie shows up. He tells him they found unconscious outside so they takes him in. He tells him there is no war here.

Dan takes his men and stay at the point before they move on. Cochise tells them that he thinks there is something here.

Tom found that Willie’s family is so happy, he tells him about how he lives here. Maggie tells Anne that she wants to remove her spike, she won’t agree. Dan managed team to search around, Cochise tells Maggie that he will help her. He failed, he call Anne to help. She success, Maggie seems fine.

Hal found the hornet but not Tom, they found the track and following it. One of Dan’s men found something hide in the place. Cochise tells them this might be their communication device. Dan touches it and he see a lot of overlords.

After family found that his elder son is missing, Tom goes out to search him. He found him in wood with Espheni’s robot. He tells him about the war. He wants to fight with him. His mother finally accepts and let him goes with him.

Hal shows up, Tom convinces their child to change his mind to stay and protect his family, after he back to camp Dan shows him Espheni’s commnucation.