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Gotham Season 2 Episode 3

The Last Laugh

Gordon and Bullock are looking for Jerome, he threaten the criminals to spread words that he is looking for him.

They found Jerome’s father is in town, they are going to see him. But too late, Jerome already gets him. He plants evidence on his father to let police thinks it’s him who plan. Gordon and Bullock are shows up, but they unconscious by their trap.

Alfred takes Bruce to gala dinner for children, they meet Lee there. Bruce notices Selina and following her.

Theo and his men shows up at Gala too, while Jerome is on stage. He choose Bruce to help him on stage, after that they pick the mayor on stage and kill him.

Gordon tells Bullock that he doesn’t think Jerome’s father is behind this. He gets call from Lee that Barbara is there at gala before she kidnapped by Jerome.

Gordon found Lee is hostage, he demands some ransom. Theo then shows up and stop them. Barbara knocks him down, Selina takes Bruce out but he decides to go back to help Alfred.

Jerome try to find Bruce but he is not there, they are going to kill Alfred. Gordon stops him before get out, he plans with him. Bruce shows up and give Alfred the gun, Jerome hostages Bruce. Gordon shows up and with Alfred they kill his men.

Theo shows up and kill Jerome, he surprised. Barbara escapes from them. Bullock goes to talks with Osborne, tells him to lay out his hand off Gordon.

Theo becomes hero of city, he plans for some more. Few people starts to do same as Jerome.